About Me

How should I refer to you?
You may call me Deborah, Ma’am or Miss. I am not a dominatrix. So, no Mistress, Domme, or Goddess.

Who are you?
A young professional woman who enjoys spanking people in her spare time.

What do you wear for a session?
Business casual…I.E. clothing similar to what I am wearing on this site. I have no interest in latex, leather, or fetish wear.

Do you always spank on the bare bottom?
This depends on you. If you would like spanking to be only over your clothes, or to gradually take off clothing, to bare your bottom, your choice. The only area bared will be your bottom.

Can you wear something else?
I wear only my own clothing, but reasonable requests can be made if they are appropriate to the context of your spanking scene.

Do you see older clients, ages, races, etc?
I’m willing to see all legal sentient adults, regardless of gender, race or age. Dress comfortably, and wear your favorite underwear.

Where do you see people?
In a private, quiet play space near Downtown Atlanta.

Do you accept female clients?
Of course.


What implements do you use? 
I have my hand, paddle, belt, slipper, strap, and a hairbrush.

What’s your favorite implement?
My favorite implements are paddles, I love the sound a wooden paddle makes against a bare bottom....

Can I bring my own implement?
Yes, let me know which implements you have, and I’ll tell you which I’m comfortable with using.

Your scene will involve spanking of the bottom only.
No perfume or cologne, please.
Arrive on time.
Be patient

Email me when you are on your way, and I'll send the address the same way.


How much is your tribute?
My tribute is 250 per hour.


I can do my best to limit marks to only your sitting area, and avoid areas that will be visible outside of your underwear.

Safe words?
Your choice. I can spank you slightly past the "ouch" point, read your body language, and gauge when you have had enough, or you can simply use the stoplight approach, “red, green, and yellow”. Red to end the spanking, Green to ask for more, and Yellow, to indicate the smacks are getting a bit too much.

What positions do you use for spanking?
I use the position that is most comfortable for you. Be it, over a chair, over the bed, over my knee, or against a wall. I want you to be as comfortable as possible, as I make your bottom uncomfortable.

Lecture, scolding?
I will lecture or scold, in the context of your role play, with the information you’ve given me.

What do you mean by references?
References are previous providers you have seen who can vouch for you.

I don’t engage in play involving any bodily fluids of any sort. No racial, military, or religious role play. Our time together will involve spanking of the bottom, only.

Do you give phone sessions?
Limited, but yes. Read "Type of Services", and use my contact form.